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Illiopolis Business Association Links

(These links are for reference only: We do not recommend or endorse any of the services or products that you might find on these sites.)


These are links that you may find useful for various purposes.

ALTA VISTA  TRANSLATIONS  Translate any word or phrase to or from 5 popular languages on line.

Cyndi's List  The single best site for links to Internet Genealogy research.

DR.KOOP.COM   Health news and resources of all kinds.  A free online encyclopedia with over 14,000 articles.    This is a site devoted to food, recipes, eating habits and everything else related to food.

FAMILY.COM  One of the best sites on the Web for information on parenting, children, and other family oriented information.

HotBot Directory New Index  A news search engine, different from most search engine, because it searches for current news based on topic and time.  A good place to look for breaking news on the internet.

Library of Congress   The library's Web site provides a wealth of information about what is available at the library and many online databases.   Helps you plan your home improvements right down to buying the paint brush.

Merriam Webster Dictionary SitE  A great place to look up the meaning of just about any word in the English language.

MAYO CLINIC HEALTH OASIS     Another health site operated by the world famous clinic. Contains answers to your medical and heath questions. 

MAP qUEST   Get a map and driving directions to any town in the United Sates.

PRODUCT REVIEW NET   A site devoted to listing reviews on just about any product you might want to buy.

QUICKEN ONLINE   This site of the popular financial software is one of the best free personal finance and stock sites on the Internet.

REFERENCE DESK.COM  This is the Swiss-Army Knife of websites with links to every type of reference page imaginable.

TRAVELOCITY  You'll find everything travel-related at Travelocity, including a handy travel reservations area. 

Virtual Library  Another great reference site with links to thousands of internet information resources. 

WINDOWS TO THE UNIVERSE  For anyone interested in stars, planets and astronomy, this is a must-see site operated by the University of Michigan. 

ZD Net  If you want to visit one site that has the most news and information on computers and the Internet this is the site.

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