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Illiopolis Business Association Links

(These links are for reference only: We do not recommend or endorse any of the services or products that you might find on these sites.)

Personalized Start Pages

These are free sites that can be customized to suit your tastes.  Things such as national and regional news, sports, financial information, weather, search engines, television listings, individual stock portfolio trackers, and many other useful features can be set up by individuals.  They can be visited when you desire or can even be set up as your homepage.  Most are protected by a password, so that others cannot see your personal information.  The companies that sponsor these sites earn their money from advertisements and special offers that they place on these sites.  They are useful, but a person is best advised not to give permission for their address or E-mail to be distributed.  Doing so, can result in E-mail boxes being stuffed with useless and misleading advertisements (Spam)

About.Com This is a start page that lists links to the top sites in almost every conceivable category.

My Yahoo This is one of the more popular personalized  start pages

Go2Net Personal  This is one that this webmaster especially likes.  

My AltaVista The popular search engine has now combined its search page with a customizable personal start page.

My Excite Start Page  Another search engine that also has good content.

Go Network (Infoseek) My Page  This is the Disney Corporation's venture into personalized pages and one to watch.  It will get better.

AOL MyNews  AOL has content that is not available on any of the other personalized pages.  You do not have to belong to AOL to use it.

MSN Your Page This in the Microsoft Network's try at a personalized page.  You do not have to belong to MSN to use it.

My Snap  Access to all of Snap's numerous internet information sources including their comprehensive movie database.

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