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Illiopolis Business Association Links

(These links are for reference only: We do not recommend or endorse any of the services or products that you might find on these sites.)


Several people have asked:  How do you find other people's phone numbers, addresses, and E-Mail addresses on the Internet?  The following links mostly use the same information that is already in phonebooks across the United States.  The main advantage is that they are all pulled together in one spot and they do not cost anything to access.  The E-Mail finders are of limited use since most people do not list their E-Mail addresses willingly.  You shouldn't either, unless you want your E-Mail Box to be full of useless advertisements and junk mail (Spam).  Each of these people finder pages uses different search techniques, but you will probably have more luck if you can limit the search for a specific whole name in a specific City and State.  Most can do more general searches, but you may have to sort through hundreds of names to find the one you want.  Be careful about being too specific: If you enter a middle initial, a particular page may not list people who did not list their name that way in the phonebook.  Do not be surprised to see the same person listed twice with slightly different information, since the pages draw information from many different sources and do not always screen out duplicates.  If you don't find a person on one page try another.

WhoWhere People Finder  This is the personal favorite of the webmaster, because after it finds the person you are looking for, it provides links to show a map or driving directions the person's home.

Snap White Pages  Also contains links for getting other information on individuals and businesses.

Bigfoot Find People Over 100 million white page listings and 8 million e-mail listings.

Excite People Finder  This is the Excite Search Engine's version.  Contains a large database.

Infospace Directory  Excellent source for finding e-mail addresses. Also returns organization affiliation (if available)

Inforspace Reverse Lookup  This one is unique because you can enter a phone number and find the name of the person to whom it belongs..

Yahoo People Search  Locates people and their e-mail addresses.

World Pages This one has links to search for people's phone numbers and addresses in many countries including the United States. 

411 Locate  Another people searcher that also includes reverse lookup capabilities.

Switchboard Find a Person  Large nationwide white pages directory. Fast response time. Name, address and phone number are provided for each listing.

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