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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

J. W. WILSON  Restaurant  and Confectionery

     The establishment owned and conducted by Mr. J. W. Wilson is among Illiopolisí popular enterprises, because of  the excellent accommodations offered for meals and lunches, and the variety and choice selection maintained in candies. confections, soft drinks, oysters, cigars and tobacco. The owner. Mr. J. W. Wilson. is a native of Sangamon County and was raised up at farm work near Mechanicsburg.  Fifteen years ago he moved to Illiopolis and, three years later, became identified with the present business which he finally purchased from his brother, Jason, a trifle over one year ago.  During his residence in Illiopolis he served as Town Clerk for four years. councilman for two terms and, later, village clerk for a brief period. Mr. Wilson discharged the duties of all these positions with marked efficiency and fidelity, and with credit not only to himself, but to his fellow citizens as well who honored him with these manifestations of esteem and confidence. In his business Mr. Wilson is assisted by his brother, Jason Wilson, who was born and raised, and followed farm work at the home place near Mechanicsburg. Fifteen years ago he came to Illiopolis, and purchasing the business now conducted by his brother, built up a large patronage.  Mr. Jason Wilson is among the popular citizens of this section, being well and favorably known for miles around. He has served as a member of the Town Board for two years and has contributed in a number of ways to Illiopolisí progress and development. As has before been mentioned the Wilson brothers are among the popular and esteemed citizens of the community and give, to the public an enterprise which supplies popular needs in a satisfactory manner and at honest prices.

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