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Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

L. C. Web Superintendent of Schools

L. C. Web


The subject of this sketch, Mr. L. C. Webb, the superintendent of the Illiopolis public schools, is a native of Russell County, Kentucky, where he grew up on a farm and attended the district schools. Acquiring a proficiency in his studies, his qualifications were not without recognition, and his application for a position as teacher met with a prompt and willing response from the authorities of his home county. This pursuit he followed for eight years discharg­ing meanwhile, with marked efficiency. the duties of Clerk of the Russell County court for two years. and served as Deputy County Sheriff and Deputy County Assessor for several terms. In June, 1899, he settled in Illinois, resuming his former profession of teaching in the country schools of Logan County. Desirous of greater knowledge and. ambitious for the many opportunities which constantly wait on and surround marked ability, he attended the Lincoln University in 1899, and supplemented the education thus received by a normal course at the college at Valparaiso, Indiana, in 1900.  On the resignation of Mr. G. E. Clendennen, in June, 1900. Mr. Webb was the successful candidate for the position of local superintendent of Illiopolis’ schools, and his appointment was duly confirmed by the Board of Education.  Mr. Webb’s parents are from distinguished old Virginia stock, his paternal and maternal antecedents dating back to. the revolutionary days.  His parents and relatives are among the early settlers of southern Kentucky, and were active both socially and politically in its progress and development. Since coming to Illiopolis, Mr. Webb has made many friends by his social disposition and genial manner. His ability and thorough familiarity have won for him the respect and confidence of the community and placed him among the leading and successful educators of Central Illinois.

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