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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

ULRICH & SONS, Grain Buyers and Shippers,

    As buyers and shippers of grain the facilities enjoyed by Messrs. Ulrich & Sons provide the farming fraternity with the most favorable market conditions. This firm are heavy buyers and shippers, having over forty stations scattered through­out the central states. E. R. Ulrich, Sr. and his sons, E. R. Jr.,  A. L., and C. M. comprise the firm of which E. R., Jr. is the general manager, with headquarters and general offices at Springfield. The Illiopolis elevator, in charge of W. M. Close, does an excellent business. Evidence of the favor and recognition in which the enterprising and thoroughly satisfactory methods enforced are held. Mr. Close has been identified with the business for the past ten years, during which time he has made a host of friends in this community. He is a native of Ohio and has been identified with the grain business in his native state and in the northwestern states practically all his life. His active and willing support of all local enterprises and measures bespeaks that interest and home pride which rank him among Illiopolis’ representative and earnest citizens. Ulrich & Sons in many ways give evidence of the enterprise which is so characteristic of their methods. One instance in particular is well known in this community and dates from 1890, when, at an immense outlay, they reclaimed the low alluvial lands along the north bank of the Sangamon river aggregating 1600 acres and converted this strip into fields of plenty and fertility. Projects of this character inure to the benefit of the entire community by making territory contiguous more productive, thus enabling the farmer. tradesman and mechanic to share directly and indirectly the benefits of such valuable improvements,

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