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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record Newspaper 



As a place of residence, Illiopolis offers many invaluable advantages in location and surroundings. The profusion of shade afforded by the countless ash and maple trees gives to the town the refreshing appearance of a veritable grove. Many beautiful architectural creations. the handiwork of the builder and artisan, are everywhere to be seen, whose trim and well kept lawns flecked with floral beauty in the spring time give to their fortunate owners or tenants the combined results of both nature and art. The living expenses are at a minimum; for food, fuel and clothing are to be had as cheap here as in any place in Central Illinois. There is also an abundance of pure and healthy drinking water as is evidenced from the countless wells to be seen all over town. School facilities are in accord with the highest standards in educational methods and, besides those directly engaged as teachers, are 1ooked after by the intelligent citizens of the community. The churches are in charge of able and zealous pastors—men of piety and learning—who are untiring in their efforts to spread about the invaluable benefits of Christianity. The social features are reflected in the many societies flourishing in the community of a fraternal, religious, literary and social nature in whose assembly rooms an evening can be spent in entertaining and instructive diversions. Crowning all these there is a culture and intelligence among the people who are bonded together by that spirit of fraternity which adds to existence its many heartfelt pleasures and exper­iences.

Dr. J. W. D. Mayes Residence in 1901


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