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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

James E. Power Homestead

The James E. Power homestead near Cantrall about 1901

    The Homestead of the James E, Power estate near Cantrall, is well known throughout Illinois as a most beautiful farm and country home. On the farm stands the home which was erected in 1880 by Mr. George Power, father of the late James E. Power. Mr. Power in the days of 1830 figured prominently in all justice courts. He was justice of the peace for 18 years. In his cabin Abraham Lincoln held his first justice court. The above reproduction is a correct model of the house as in stands today. Mr. Lincoln plead his case before Squire Power. This home is a frame structure containing two rooms, and was the first frame house in the country for miles around.  The frame consisted of split rafters and the studding was also split. The interior is celled with walnut lumber sawed by hand with the old whip saw. The appearance this old house makes gives one a correct idea of the way of our ancestors. The weather boarding those days was done with clapboards, and as it stands today, they are perfectly solid. This ancient  house Mrs. Power keeps up with usually as much care as she does her own home, and here one can see many relics used by Lincolnís companions himself. The old time trundle which was used in that vicinity during the early days is placed in this old home.

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