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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

OLAF SCHIVE, Watchmaker and Jeweler.

    The owners of fine watches give marked preference to the services rendered by Mr. Olaf Schive for they know him to be reliable and an expert at his trade. Serving an apprenticeship at the watch maker’s trade in Norway, and acquiring a proficiency, the result of years of application and training under some of the best mechanics of the old world, Mr. Schive ought to know every phase and detail of the business. Leading jewelers in Chicago and Springfield admitted this fact by their continued demand for his services and by an assurance, constantly held out and expressed, of the permanency of the positions offered him. Mr. Schive is a Norwegian by birth and, when old enough to know the nature of the tools used in watch making, he was apprenticed to the trade and became master of its requirements. At the age of twenty two years lie came to America settling in Chicago where he was employed one year. He then located in Springfield and for eleven years worked for the Illinois Watch Co. where he was ranked among their expert workmen. Leaving the watch factory he was employed two years in a leading retail jewelry establishment in the Capital city sud, in 1893, settled permanently in Illiopolis where he has built up a large, select and increasing patron age. Mr. Shive carries a complete stock of standard watch cases and watch movements, a fine line of jewelry which contains a variety of pretty conceits for personal use and for birthday, wedding and holiday presents. His stock offers a selection of standard makes in clocks, also silverware and optical goods. With such expert ability to assist the purchaser in securing his desires, with a record thoroughly established for unquestioned integrity, with a choice line of goods and every facility and advantage to supply special orders the prudent already have learned, and the general public are fast finding out, that they are consulting their own interests best in directing their patronage to this establish­ment.

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