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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

W. G. McNier Druggist

    If to a fresh and pure stock of drugs and chemicals are added a proficiency in pharmaceutical science, and an accuracy in compounding, then can there be said to be a first class drug store. All these essentials are ever present in the establishment conducted by Mr. W. G.. McNier, and the result is the recognition of the medical fraternity and a patronage large and select, and comprising the leading people of this section. In addition to a full and complete line of drugs and chemicals Mr. McNier carries a select stock of toilet articles such as perfumes, soaps, brushes, etc, confections, patent medicines, and standard production in paints, oils, varnishes and wall paper. For the holiday season special efforts have been made to provide the latest novelties to gladden the hearts of the little folks. These are now on exhibition and present volume and variety sufficient to make selection a pleasure. The stock of Christmas goods embraces a large assortment of fine candies and confections, toys of all kinds such as juvenile books, dolls, games of all kinds, and a variety of such playthings as are the dream and delight of the little ones. For the older folks a variety of handsome albums, toilet cases, purses, and novelty goods suggests presents which are always fitting and highly appreciated. The owner, W. G. McNier, is a native of Weldon, Ill., where he was reared and educated and where, too, be began his apprenticeship in the science of pharmacy. In the year 1888, he took up his residence in Chicago, where his time was occupied in attendance at the Chicago College of Pharmacy from which institution be was graduated in 1890. For the next four years he followed successfully his chosen profession in Chicago, being employed as pharmacist in several of the leading drug establishments of that city. Ambitious to own and conduct his own business, and possessed of a limited capital, the result of his industry and frugality, he watched for and awaited an opportunity, and fin­ally in 1894 embarked in business in Illiopolis. During the intervening years the stock and patronage have grown apace, until, today, it is among the representative establishments of Central Illinois. Mr. McNier is the originator of the formula from which McNier’s Sovereign Rheumatic and Neuralgia Cure is compounded and which is a triumph of therapeutic science for the cure of rheumatic and nervous troubles. By the fraternity Mr. McNier’s knowledge and expertness is universally admitted, and from those who have met him in a business or social capacity his geniality, affability and pronounced integrity elicit commendation and regard.

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