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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

GEORGE W. HESSER Hardware and Implements.


With that thorough knowledge acquired in the school of practical experience as a carpenter and farmer Mr. G. W. Hesser is most excellently equipped to supply the public with their needs in hardware, farm implements and buggies. The stock carried contains a complete line to shelf hardware, cutlery. articles for household use, farm supplies, farm implements in all kinds in standard makes, and honest values in both carriages and buggies. Mr. Geo. W. Hesser, the owner of this business, enjoys the distinction of having resided in Sangamon Co. for sixty four years. He has watched its gradual development from the Wild and uncultivated prairie dotted here and there with the primitive log cabin of the pioneer days to the present day, when its fields of unsurpassed fertility and its handsome architectural creations in village and on the farm tell to a certainty the great progress made during a single life≠time. Himself a pioneer, Mr. Hesserís labors have contributed to these marked improvements both as a mechanic and farmer. Born at Berryville, Frederick Co., Va., Mr. Hesser migrated to Illinois with his parents, when a child five years old, and settled at Springfield, then an unpretentious village, He lived there until he became of age when he moved to Mechanicsburg where he resided for seven years during which time he learned the carpenter trade and followed it successfully. From 1869 until 1880 he farmed in Mechanicsburg Township and at Lanesville, and during the latter year came to Illiopolis Township and continued at agricultural pursuits up until a few years ago when he embarked in the hardware business. During his residence in this locality Mr. Hesser served as township assessor six years and as Supervisor four years and discharged the duties of both offices with characteristic ability and fidelity. He is among the honored citizens of this community, carries his years lightly, as is evidenced from his active life, and possesses a vigor and vitality which bespeak years of health and usefulness,


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