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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

A.B. GILBERT. Proprietor of The Den

An excellent outlet for the market­ing of grain productions is constantly furnished to the farmers of this sec­tion by the firm of Graham & Leeds, grain buyers and shippers. This firm began business six years ago and has built up during that period an exten­sive patronage. The highest cash market prices are constantly offered and every known facility is possessed to secure and enjoy excellent relations in the selling markets. Graham & Leeds are also dealers in the very best coal commodities and constantly offer these at lowest market prices. A. Graham and G. R. Leeds comprise the firm. Both gentlemen are old and esteemed residents of Sangamon county, are well known and popular and have built up a thoroughly representative business through fair and honest dealings and exercise constant efforts to render prompt, satisfactory and efficient service.

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