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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record


     So much do individual enterprise and commercial progress depend on banking facilities in general that any review of Illiopolisí mercantile advantages would be far from complete did it not contain mention of its monetary institution. The Farmers State Bank was organized and began business in Dec. 1890 and, from its inception, it has enjoyed the recognition of leading business men and farmers throughout this section. All the departments of modern banking are thoroughly covered: first class paper is discounted, money advanced at all times upon approved signatures or collateral, exchange bought and sold on all the principal money centers, collections made and promptly accounted for at reasonable rates, and deposits received in any amount.

    The record made by this bank dur≠ing its short career will compare favorably with the best. During its first years it braved the era of financial depression and monetary stringency which overwhelmed the country, and which caused ruin and disaster to so many banking institutions. Midst all these trying times the Farmers State Bank stood proof against the contending elements and responded faithfully and continuously to every demand, thereby winning the confidence of the public as well as establishing its claim to being one of the strongest banks in central Illinois. Following are the officers:

Isaac C. Loose, president

W. F. Correll, vice president

 John Sheller, cashier;

 John C. Fait, assistant cashier

 Directors: I. C. Loose, W F. Correll, John Sheller, John C. Fait,

G. E. Ford, D. J. Mulligan, John Leonard, C. L. Auger and M. E. Baker, all of whom are well known and successful business men and held in the highest esteem because of their sterling integrity and reliability. Mr. John Sheller, the cashier, has held this position for three years, and unites with judicious conservatism marked executive ability. He is also agent for the Aetna, Providence of Washington, and Connecticut insurance companies. Mr. Sheller is prepared to place risks at the lowest possible rates and guarantees quick adjustment of all claims without recourse to litigation. Mr. John C. Fait, assistant cashier, attends efficiently to the duties of his position with that thoroughness and fidelity that have characterized his five years connection with this institution.

    Messrs. Sheller and Fait represent the Aetna Life Insurance Co., an old line and thoroughly reliable organization, which offers a policy as liber≠al and as reliable as can be obtained from any representative company and at less cost for insurance.

John Sheller, Cashier


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