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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

McD. Cantrall, Post Master

McD. Cantrall

   A direct descendent of the original settlers of Sangamon County, the subject of the present sketch, McD. Cantrall, is in every sense of the term an Illinoisan.  Mr. Cantrall’s antecedents migrated to where is now the city of Springfield in 1819, coming directly from Kentucky, but originally from old Virginia. They settled in Sangamon County and were so thoroughly identified with the development and progress of the country that in their honor the town of Cantrall in this county was named—a fitting testimonial to their great work in transforming the country from its wild and unsettled conditions to its present unrivalled position. Mr. McD. Cantrall is a native of Sangamon County, where he was educated and grew up, assisting his father at farm work.  In addition to the conduct of a farm, he, for fifteen years, bought and shipped horses, and in this business created and fostered the most cordial relations with the general public.  In 1897 Mr. Cantrall was appointed the postmaster of Illiopolis by President McKinley and performs the duties of the position to the satisfaction of the community. In official and private life, Mr. Cantrall has made many friends by his social and accommodating methods, his conscientious attention to duty, and an integrity which wins for him popular confidence and a host of friends.

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