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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History

Taken from a 1901 Supplement to The (Illiopolis) State Center Record

Biography of A. M. PARKER. Illiopolis Resident and Agent of Wabash Railroad and Pacific Express Co.

In his capacity as local railroad and freight agent Mr. A. M. Parker has, by his affable demeanor, marked courtesy, and pronounced executive ability, made himself a general favorite with the traveling public. Whether “at the key” or “at the ticket window” or “at train time” when questions, answers, and duties crowd each other in quick succession he is ever patient and obliging. This disposition is the secret of his popularity and is a good and sufficient reason for the esteem in which he is held. Mr. Parker is a native of Richland Co. Ill, where he attended school and, afterward, engaged in the profession of school teaching. He entered the railroad service in 1889 and was, for six years, in the employ of the P. D. & E. R. R. Co, during which time he handled this company’s business efficiently at Warrensburg, Bethany and Mattoon. Two years ago, he became an employee of the Wabash, working meanwhile at various stations in the middle division. On March 17, 1899, he was assigned to Illiopolis temporarily, but subsequently, on petition of the business men to the railroad authorities, his position became permanent. If prompt, polite and intelligent service make easy the road to promotion Mr. Parker’s future is already assured. One thing he may always rely on, and that is, that any recognition he may meet with from his superiors will receive the endorsement and unqualified approval of the people of Illiopolis who wish him all manner of success.

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