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Illiopolis Business Association 

Local History



From Illiopolis 1956 Centennial Booklet

 In preparing this booklet the committee has endeavored to present as well as possible a correlated account of the past one hundred years of the village of Illiopolis, typical in many respects of most towns in a fertile farming area and yet having its own unique history.  In selecting the material from the sources available we have found much we were loath to omit.  If we have created any interest in further research this can be carried on from histories of Illinois and Sangamon County on the shelves of our public library.  But it is our hope that the events related may bring to the minds of older members of the community pleasant memories of the past and that the rising generation may have a greater knowledge and appreciation of the traditions, which are theirs to carry on. 

Dedicated to the founders of the village and their followers who have been responsible for its progress and development.  As history has withheld much we would learn of the past, so is the future unknown to us, but what ever the challenges we may have faith that they will be met with the courage and wisdom of those to whom we make this dedication and who proudly called this their home.

General Chairman, John C. Chinnock

Co-Chairman, Haldene Bliler

Treasurer, Edgar Crane

Assistant Treasurer, Catherine Hemp

Secretary, Jane Kinahan.


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