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Illiopolis - Niantic - Harristown, Illinois



  Cindy Wilson, Editor and Publisher


Wilson Publications

P.O. Box 300         Illiopolis, Il 62539        Phone (217)486-6496

Subscriptions and Advertising

There are several ways you can contact us for subscriptions or advertising.  You can call us for the information and rates and then send it to us by mail, e-mail, or fax, or bring it to our office.  If you really need to talk with someone please call first to make sure we will be here when you come, otherwise you can leave it in the drop box in our front yard.

If you have advertised with us before, the billing and procedures are the same.  If you are a new customer please call so we can work out the details.  In some cases we will need to have the payment in advance because it is not feasible to send statements for small amounts such as one or two time classified insertions.

Subscription Due Dates  Your expiration date is printed on your mailing label following your name.   Please help us keep the subscription cost down by mailing  your renewal to the address on the back page, top right hand corner of your paper prior to the expiration. We will send you a reminder if you run past your date but this makes our cost higher. If you wish to discontinue your subscription please let us know because we will not stop it immediately without your request.

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