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Illiopolis - Niantic - Harristown, Illinois



  Cindy Wilson, Editor and Publisher


Wilson Publications

P.O. Box 300         Illiopolis, Il 62539        Phone (217)486-6496

Newspaper Deadline MONDAY


The Sentinel is published weekly on Thursday.


The deadline for receiving news and advertising is Monday.  Anything received after that may have to be held over until the following week.

Items may be mailed to P.O. Box 300, Illiopolis, IL 62539 or brought to our office at 311 W. Matilda. There is also a drop box in the yard - please remember to raise the flag when you leave something in this box. In Niantic - we pick up news at The Niantic Store on Monday afternoons. You can also call in short items (or ask for our e-mail address). If no answer, please leave a message. Thanks!!

All articles MUST have a name and phone number attached so we can verify information if necessary. If something is sent without this information it may, but probably will not, be published. It is VERY important for our records to know where the article came from.

If you have or know of an event that we can cover please contact us and if we are available we will attend. It is hard to make every event so if you can send pictures and an article explaining the event, please do so. Even if we are there, if you have a good picture or would like to say something special, please let us know.

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