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Illiopolis - Niantic - Harristown, Illinois



  Cindy Wilson, Editor and Publisher


Wilson Publications

P.O. Box 300         Illiopolis, Il 62539        Phone (217)486-6496

A Little Bit About Us.


The Sentinel is a weekly newspaper serving the Illiopolis, Niantic, & Harristown communities and surrounding areas. Plus, many of our papers are sent to relatives or former residents who live in other cities and other states. Our paper contains mostly “hometown” news - both new and old.

Our newspaper business is a “mom & pop” organization.  Maurice has lived in Illiopolis most of his life and Cindy is from Macomb. We were married in Macomb in 1978, then moved to Illiopolis in 1979. Our children, Amy and Amanda, both graduated from Illiopolis High School.

We work out of our home. Most of our time is spent in our office compiling the news others bring or mail to us. Occasionally, we can personally cover an important event but it is not feasible for us to cover everything.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to read the following pointers. Together we can make our hometown newspaper look better and have the content that the readers subscribe to get.

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